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Youtube Tags Extractor is an online tool that can extract tags from any Youtube video. By just entering, the youtube video URL and this Tags Extractor tool do the rest work for you. This Tag Extractor tool is the best way to extract and find these meta tags of competitor videos.

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What is Tags Extractor?

Youtube tags extractor will help you to extract meta tags from a Youtube video. this tool will provide a list of all tags used in that Youtube videos of your competitor so that you can optimize your meta tags to improve the rank on youtube search even it also ranks on Google and other search engines across the internet which is good for your video. By using this tool you can easily know the competitor video title, description, and tags that may help you to know the right SEO strategy to high rank your video on youtube.

How to use YouTube tags extractor as an SEO tool?

For beginners, they might know the basics of SEO of YouTube videos, that's including target keywords in title, meta descriptions, and tags which you can SEO properly by knowing your competitor tags using tags extractor by rapid4me . However, there are more things that you may do for YouTube SEO through video accessibility. As we know search engine bots cannot watch videos, they fully depend on accompanying text data to index them correctly. A key factor for SEO strategy is to glorify the power of your video's text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and even using subtitles, which may effectively increase user experience, user engagement, watch-time, views, and also SEO. 
Here are tips for maximizing your youtube video views and boosting your YouTube video SEO.

YouTube Video SEO Using Meta Tags Extractor:

  • SEO video and meta descriptions using the different tools available on the internet
  • Add closed captions to videos with SRT File
  • Add Cards to promote other related videos
  • Utilize the target keywords in a normal way
  • Choose the correct and relevant category for your youtube video

Utilize your targeted keywords in the following place to improve your opportunity at ranking on youtube

  1. Title - Title contains at one time your target keyword.
  2. Thumbnails - Make Your thumbnails interesting but not different from your target keyword
  3. Description - well explained and include your target keyword at least two times in the description
  4. Language - choose the correct language when you upload a youtube helps youtube know your video diversity and geo-position of the chosen language.
  5. Translations - Include proper translation of another language.
  6. Subtitles - If it is possible then include it.
  7. Tags - You can copy tags from your competitor youtube video using youtube tags extractor
  8. Links - mention your source of informations [like - ,,etc ]
  9. Call to action - add a call to action on the youtube channel home page for customer help or other types of information to collect by any user.
  10. Use playlists- it is simple and easy to share multiple youtube videos at a time by sharing one link to the playlist instead of a one-by-one video link. it can greatly boost user experience and engagement.
  11. Share Your Video on Social Media - Sharing your videos on social media platforms is one of the most important factors of YouTube video SEO. Optimizing your YouTube video is similar to optimizing any blog or website. The more views are directly proportional to the higher you rank.

How to know your Meta tags are working?

  • Track your analytics
Your YouTube SEO strategy is working or not is known by tracking your analytics. Metrics may help you to understand where your videos are doing good and where they might need some tweaking. YouTube also offers many analytics reports to help you to track your performance.
Youtube Tags Extractor

There is much analytics you can track, and every YouTuber should know these metrics:

  • Watch Time: it is the total number of minutes viewers spent watching your videos. This metric is valued because YouTube facilitates videos and channels with higher watch times in their search results as watch time is the best indicator of user engagement.
  • Click-Through Rate [CTR]: Impressions click-through rate calculates the rate at which someones watch your video after seeing it on the home page, suggestion section, or trending section. Impression click-through rates will frequently spike after you release your video and plunge later, but it is still a significant metric to track as it can help you rebuild your thumbnails.
  • Card Click-Through-Rate: These Cards are preformatted announcements that encourage individuals to take action while watching your video. Investigating card click-through rates can help you optimize your card Card Click-Through-Rate, timing, duration, and order.
  • New Viewers: Unique viewers are the calculated number of people who watch your videos over a specific period. This data helps your audience size and can be helping in evaluating user engagements.
  • Traffic Source: The Traffic Sources info shows you how viewers located your videos and which authorities contribute to the most user engagement. 
  • Subscriber Growth: YouTube Subscribers Report data shows you which videos, locations, and times earned and lost subscribers. With this metric, you may understand which topics reverberate with your subscribers and where to target new subscribers.

Scrutinizing these metrics over time will help you notice which videos have the most user engagement and the aspects contributing to their success. 

How To Extract Tags From Youtube Video

There Are many ways to extract tags from youtube video, here we provide some ideas about extracting tags from youtube videos easily with our youtube tags extractor here we described the full process of extract tags from youtube video.

Steps To Extract Tags

  1. Go to and then
  2. Enter your youtube video URL
    Extract Tags From Youtube Video
  3. Then click on the get button to extract youtube video tags
  4. Extracted youtube video tags are listed below you can copy them to use in your own video to rank high on youtube search result