How to Sell Backlinks ( and earn $500 monthly )

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In This article, we discuss How to Sell Backlinks. Backlinks are of the highest importance in the domain of the web. Generally, people believe that backlinks are a good seed of getting a high web index ranking, yet this is not the issue always. Backlinks have many benefits in SEO ranking. Despite that backlinks are regarded as perhaps the most perfect approach to getting good results in Google search, there are different focal points as well. With good backlinks, the preferred results are sure to come.

Sell Backlinks

What are backlinks?

When the link of your website is present on other websites then it is called backlinks. This provides a signal to search engines, that the URL backlink gift is important and that significant information on a topic can be located here.

Types of backlinks

  • Inclusion on the Help page on the website
  • Including in a Content Roundup Section
  • Text links from other websites
  • Text links from visitor blogging on another website
  • online directory backlinks
  • Discussion posts and/or comments
  • backlinks in a testimonial
  • Links in social media post
  • banners link etc.
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Do you need to sell backlinks?

Backlinks are the cash of the domain in the world of search engine optimization. But do you genuinely need to sell them? All over the web, you can discover people glancing to buy backlinks and those who sell them.

So why would anyone like to sell backlinks? Why would anyone like to buy? Want anything in life, buying and selling backlinks has its benefits and drawbacks. Some people think that selling backlinks can support you reach your SEO goals. Others believe the only way to obtain the results you like is to buy them.

How to Sell Backlinks

The biggest query on everyone's lips: do we genuinely need to sell backlinks? Well, the answer to this query is not as easy as you might think. To be precise, I am not trying to impose one side of the debate on anyone. But what I like to make clear is that selling backlinks is not as bad as some people like to display it.

In fact, it's not actually as bad as Google displays it. I have been trading with backlinks for a long period, and I can safely speak that backlinks are one of the best methods to promote a website or creation, and that is why selling backlinks is a wonder that is here to remain.

How to sell backlinks on blog

In SEO, links are one of the most significant ranking factors, as they pass link authority from one website to another. While you can obtain a high-quality backlink from a website with an excess of traffic, you are virtually telling Google that your content must be qualified to be linked. It is very essential to make sure that you only acquire backlinks from sites that are really going to support your ranking.

Selling backlinks is precisely against Google's policies, and you could face penalties if your link-building campaign is found. Luckily, if you obey a few simple stages, you can bypass this from happening. You can make a "Write for us" page on your blog and ask people to buy your backlinks.

How to Sell Backlinks on E-mail

Today I am going to speak about selling backlinks via email. You can make $30 to $400 per sale. This is the easiest and most influential way to sell backlinks to your customers. The steps are as follows:

  • Compose an email to your target customer
  • Build a message that drives your reader to click the link
  • Contain your backlink in the message
  • An attractive offer will attract more customers


The online globe is full of contests. This means that it is challenging for your website to rank. If you are glancing for ways to obtain more traffic to your website, one of the best methods to do so is by sell backlinks. If you're glancing for ways to sell backlinks, it's vital to know how to do it. This will guarantee that you are able to get as great money as possible for your link.


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